Sign Guardian 2000


Designed for signs with 3/8" mounting holes, this mounting bracket is ideal for attaching signs and banners to a chain-link fence.

Stop using zip-ties to hang your signs on chain link fencing. They loosen over time causing failure in either the tie or the corner of the sign from vibration. Use Sign Guardian brackets for safe, secure, and professional looking sign mounting.

Color: Black
Material: Nylon 6/6

Product Features:

  • Easy to install, tamperproof, and vibration resistant
  • Provides enhanced longevity vs zip ties
  • Vertical and horizontal travel allow for perfect leveling of various sign sizes
  • Lock-On Feature: Sign is held securely with safe, low-profile hardware on back of fence
  • Bolt remains flush with body of Sign Guardian® – perfect for playground fencing
  • Ships with stainless steel hardware

For ease of installation and removal, Sign Guardian provides a special installation and removal tool with special removal bits. To purchase, click here.